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Designed back in 1981 by the late Brian McFall in Christchurch, New Zealand.

You may (or may not!) remember that Commando-M’s originally came in black or white, 100% canvas with a PVC injected sole.

Ever wondered how they got their name?  Well it’s not as you might have thought! They were originally supplied to the army and to this day, they still feature the iconic ‘M’ on the side of every shoe.

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Unleash the designer within.

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  • Commando-M
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  • www.eyeseyeseyeseyes.com
  • www.eyeseyeseyeseyes.com

what's new

2018 is an exciting year for Commando-M Shoes.  We have spent most of 2017 tweaking and upgrading our shoe.  The new 'Original' shoe will be more comfortable, with a memory foam inner sole.  It will feel snug around your heel, with an upgraded and cushioned heel support.  And along with a new tongue design, we have also upgraded our canvas upper.  All in all, a better shoe for you!
New tongue design
We will also be introducing some limited edition runs.  Look out for our grey felt design coming soon.
Felt Grey Design

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